This is a ten lesson, supervised course written and illustrated by Mike Harris ,encapsulating some thirty years of training and teaching in the lodges of the Western Mystery Tradition.  The course centres on the traditional disciplines of western magic and associated subjects like Qabalah, Celtic/Arthurian lore, mystery practices of the ancient Middle East, Faerie lore and Star lore. But alongside this we have included themes ranging from practical self development and spirituality to the significance of prehistoric sacred sites.  The course is extensively illustrated , as we believe that (in the tradition of William Blake) pictorial images sometimes fire the psyche more readily than do  words alone.

Whilst the course is primarily geared to those who seek to serve with the Company of Avalon, it will well equip anyone who aspires to serve in any lodge of the Western Tradition or indeed as a lone initiate.

Successful completion of the course earns the student a registered certificate which recognises the attainment of the First Degree in the Western Mystery Tradition. As a first degree initiate the student is then entitled to apply for membership of the Company of Avalon, with a view to attending meetings and participating in some of the group's work. Practical instruction in ritual and other magical technique is offered at such meetings and by correspondence, giving the student the opportunity of full initiation and dedicated service to the Mysteries. 

The Way of the Mysteries Course is offered on  CD in universally readable PDF format. Students will receive individual support and supervision by email and/or post.  Whilst the student may work at his or her own pace, we generally find that the course takes most people about a year to complete. The lessons cost 20 sterling each and are sent two at a time (40 sterling) to ensure continuity. A final paper, the completion test for the certificate, is sent separately at the end of the course at a cost of 40. We accept most major credit cards, via Paypal, and UK sterling cheques . You need only purchase one book for the course, which is The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune, everything else you'll need is within the lessons and of course within YOU!  However, as this course involves INDIVIDUAL, PERSONAL tuition, we may suggest further, optional reading from time time.

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We are a working lodge and therefore seek to recruit and train men and women of good will, with an aptitude for service in the Mysteries, to ensure the future continuity of the Company of Avalon's work. With this in mind, membership of the Company of Avalon and advanced training in  the magical arts is available to those who have completed our Way of the Mysteries course.


For those wishing to study parallel disciplines (unsupervised and beyond the aegis of the Company of Avalon ) Mike Harris and Steve Blamires are authors of particular works on the Celtic Mysteries which carry self study lesson material. These are purely on aspects of the Celtic tradition and do not carry mainstream Western Tradition material such as Qabalah. To see these and other titles on PDF format CD click the Ritemagic logo below.


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